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Publisher William Morrow, February 2011

IF WISHES WERE HORSES, a modern day love story, explores a terrible loss and the extraordinary ability of one man to find love again. We believe that this novel will appeal to the millions of readers who enjoy fiction by writers such as Nicholas Sparks.

Five years after Wyatt Blaine loses his wife, Krista, and their young son, Danny, to a drunk driver, Wyatt is still bereft but also determined to honor his familyís memory by restarting New Beginnings, an equine therapy program that Krista ran before her death. Unbeknownst to Wyatt, his pastor suggests an unlikely candidate for the program, Trevor Powers, the son of the man who killed Krista and Danny. Wyatt reluctantly agrees to Trevorís participation without knowing that Trevorís widowed mother, Gabby, and Trevor will be the key to his becoming whole again. But another great tragedy will test their strength and threaten Wyatt and Gabbyís relationship before they can truly form a new family of their own.


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