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SUMMER: A USER'S GUIDE by Suzanne Brown

Publisher Artisan/Workman Publishing, May 2007

SUMMER: A Userís Guide offers evocative musings to stir warm, magical memories of summers past, and reawaken the essential spirit of the season. Whether you have a few weeks off, or just the weekend, Suzanne Brownís one-stop summer reference will make it the most memorable youíve ever had.

Itís jam-packed with 100s of glorious photos and activities for everyone in the family, plus indispensable tips, rules for countless games, recipes, and nuggets of wisdom from how to be the perfect weekend guest, to how to track the tides, to how to take out berry stains.

Check out the rules for more card games, board games, lawn games, word games, and water games than you could possibly fit into a single summer. 50 recipes for summer staples such as barbecued ribs, seabreeze cocktails, campfire chili, grilled corn, and perfect lobster rolls. Keep the kids occupied turning seashells into wind chimes and magnets, tie-dying tee shirts, and painting rocks in the garden. Get a refresher on how to run backyard races, how to recognize animal tracks, leaves, and clouds, rig an outdoor shower, hang a hammock, or set up an outdoor movie night.
Replete with read-aloud ghost stories for kids, rainy day activities, and tons more.


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