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Suzanne Brown is an award-winning visual designer. She spent over a decade honing her creative skills at publishing houses, advertising agencies, and boutique graphic design firms. At the dawn of the Internet age she seized the opportunity offered by the web, and began to create online marketing campaigns and interactive environments for consumer products companies, internet service providers, and leading technology consultancies.

In 2001, feeling increasingly shackled by the numerous constraints of the corporate world, Suzanne founded Suzanne Brown Design, specializing in interactive and print design, branding, and visual identity. At last in charge of her own destiny, Suzanne recognized the potential to utilize Suzanne Brown Design as a creative platform upon which she could build a career centered on the things she most loves Ė lifestyle, cooking, entertaining, travel, design, fashion, and culture. It was here that the idea for Summer: A Userís Guide was born.

Summer: A Userís Guide is due out in early 2007. This comprehensive guide to summer living is jam-packed with 100s of how-toís, activities for everyone in the family, indispensable tips, rules for countless games, recipes, and nuggets of wisdom from how to be the perfect weekend guest, to how to track the tides, to how to get out berry stains out of your favorite white pants. Summer may be fleeting, but, as Summer: A Userís Guide gently reminds us, the ideals of summer are at all times within our grasp.

Awards and Special Recognition...

iParenting Media Award for 2008



Photography by Jerry Kolosky


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