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The Book Report – August 13, 2014
The Race for Paris is an amazing story of friendship and courage, and Meg Waite Clayton paints such a poignant picture of these three individuals that I found myself holding my breath waiting for the inevitable to occur…I started The Race for Paris expecting heartbreak, which I found in abundance, but what I didn’t anticipate was an amazing story of friendship and determination. You’ll be left exhausted and battered at the end, but it will be so worth it.

Kirkus Reviews – June 1, 2015
“Clayton's most ambitious undertaking to date may be fiction, but it's impeccably researched, offering a striking glimpse into what life was like for the predecessors of some of today's most famous female journalists. A must for World War II buffs and fans of sharp, boundary-busting female characters.”

Booklist - April 5, 2015
"Involving and thoroughly researched... Entertaining and enlightening."

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