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Los Angeles Review of Books - Sept 16, 2016
“While some might question Kalan’s claim that the novel “changed the course of modern literature,” few will ever question either the wrks perennial appeal or the brilliance with which Kaplan has told its story.”

(Blog) Pop Matters - September 16, 2016
“Kaplan’s research is exhaustive, her tone is conversational, and her analyses convincing and often surprising….Kaplan is a superb storyteller.”

New York Times - September 16, 2016
“Ms. Kaplan mostly keeps momentum by adhering to her plan to write about Camus “as though I were looking over his shoulder….Reading {Camus’s} “The Stranger” is a bracing but somewhat bloodless experience. Ms. Kaplan has hung warm flesh on its steely bones.”

Publishers Weekly - September 9, 2016
"Alice Kaplan's Looking for 'The Stranger': Albert Camus and the Life of a Literary Classic is a fascinating exploration of Camus and his classic first novel, ranging from the author's influences and inspirations to the book's impossibly rocky path to publication to its enduring legacy"

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